Casey, a white person with blue eyes and long brown/blonde hair wears a white top and red pants. They are are sitting, resting one elbow on their knee and hand on cheek, as light streams in from an adjacent window

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About Casey

Casey empowers individuals, relationships, professionals and organizations to expand their mindsets and foster meaningful change around gender and sexuality.

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Expansive Ed

A virtual platform for learning about sex, gender and relationships facilitated by therapists and educators from The Expansive Group. With weekly support groups, workshops, courses, and more, you can think of us as your online toolbox for navigating the world of sexuality with more ease, creativity and boldness.

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Casey, a white person with blue eyes and brown/blonde hair wears a long-sleeved blue blouse. They pose with one arm rested on their head as they gaze off right of the lens, smiling.

Safeword Podcast

Sex therapy, unhinged! Safeword brings you two sex therapists answering listener questions and telling you the details on their own sex lives, relationships, identities and more.

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An Inclusive Therapy Practice

The Expansive Group

Casey's team of therapists, sex educators and pleasure activists. Work with a provider to expand your self-awareness, heal from previous trauma, and develop strategies for thriving. Through a non-judgmental, intersectional lens, The Expansive Group will work with you on concerns and resiliencies related to your identities, sexuality, relationships and beyond.

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Where It All Started

Queer Sex Therapy Instagram

"This account is a lighthouse for me in my own self-development and healing. It is the space without shame, without stigma, without narrow-mindedness where I can learn so much about topics that are otherwise taboo or have been historically delivered through a limited lens. I find depth, substance, and direct application to my daily life as a queer human. I can say with confidence this content has had a tangible impact on who I am, and it’s opened up space for deeper, rounder intimacy with others, self-compassion, and courage to be more authentically creative and expressive." - Alyson Stoner, Actress & Mental Health Activist

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